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s90 Serisi Uygulamarı » Kaspersky Mobile Security v7.0.32 Antivirüs programı

Kaspersky Mobile Security is a convenient and reliable solution that protects smartphones from Internet attacks, malicious programs that target mobile platforms and SMS spam. It also provides protection for confidential data stored on a smartphone should the device be lost or stolen.

Tarih: 08/03/2008 - Ayrıntılı Bilgi - Download: 634 - Download Kaspersky Mobile Security v7.0.32 Antivirüs programı (681.02KB)

s90 Serisi Uygulamarı » Math Pack v1.2

The full version of MathPack program is the most powerful mathematical package for mobile . The package is must-have tool for students, engineers and researchers. MathPack program is using double precision, So the calculations are very accurate. The program is proposed for mobile phones running java (MIDP 2.0, cldc 1.1). The MathPack v 1.2 contains: 1. Professional Calculator 2. Equation Solver 3. Definite Integration 4. Function Solver 5. Linear System Solver 6. Graph Plott.

Tarih: 08/03/2008 - Ayrıntılı Bilgi - Download: 132 - Download Math Pack v1.2 (64.78KB)

s90 Serisi Uygulamarı » Message Mirror Lite v1.11

Message Mirror Lite Edition is freeware. it provides some basic features. You can use the software for free. Message Mirror has a "mirroring service" running on your phone. Once the service has started, it monitors all incoming and outgoing messages. Therefore when you open Message Mirror, you are able to browse all your messages even if you have deleted them from inbox or sent box. You can also convert all your messages to a file and send it to your PC or email address. Message Mirror supports 4 file types: TEXT, HTML, CSV and XML. Your Message Mirror may also be password protected. By means of this, you can delete your private message from inbox/sentbox and read them in Message Mirror.

Tarih: 08/03/2008 - Ayrıntılı Bilgi - Download: 236 - Download Message Mirror Lite v1.11 (91.41KB)

s90 Serisi Uygulamarı » RealVista Desktop v1.0

Turn your mobile phone into vista.

Tarih: 08/03/2008 - Ayrıntılı Bilgi - Download: 518 - Download RealVista Desktop v1.0 (1.52MB)

s90 Serisi Uygulamarı » ShakeSMS V1.00

Deals with SMS and Phone Lock using the Accelerometers technology, to make you use the phone in an easier way!

Tarih: 07/03/2008 - Ayrıntılı Bilgi - Download: 66 - Download ShakeSMS V1.00 (0B)

s90 Serisi Uygulamarı » NeoReader v1.01

NeoReader is a mobile application that turns a camera mobile phone into a code scanner and provides one-###### access to mobile content on the go, anytime and anywhere. NeoReader features NeoMedia�s patented resolution technology and Gavitec�s ultra-small footprint and platform-independent code scanning algorithms. The NeoReader mobile application operates on many handsets. An audio alert lets you know that NeoReader is connecting to your desired destination on the mobile Web.

Tarih: 04/03/2008 - Ayrıntılı Bilgi - Download: 2801 - Download NeoReader v1.01 (914.28KB)

s90 Serisi Uygulamarı » Stellarnet FunVoiceMail v1.10

FunVoiceMail is an Intelligent Mobile Phone Manager that allows users to have full control of all incoming calls when they are not available to answer their mobile phones. It provides a wide range of greetings for users to .....

Tarih: 04/03/2008 - Ayrıntılı Bilgi - Download: 38 - Download Stellarnet FunVoiceMail v1.10 (461.88KB)

s90 Serisi Uygulamarı » Splus - Fake Sounds

The application makes 19 diffrent sound effects. Nice application to play pranks on your friends.

Tarih: 03/02/2008 - Ayrıntılı Bilgi - Download: 160 - Download Splus - Fake Sounds (763.84KB)

s90 Serisi Uygulamarı » YouTube

Access millions of YouTube videos at any time right from your mobile phone. This downloadable application puts YouTube in your pocket.

Tarih: 03/02/2008 - Ayrıntılı Bilgi - Download: 313 - Download YouTube (250.77KB)

s90 Serisi Uygulamarı » Tektronic SRL - Advanced Phone Lock.v1.02

Advanced Phone Lock is an integrated locker service which allows you to lock any application from your smartphone. Nobody can use the locked applications without to know the password. You can lock any important application which stores sensitive data for you like credit card numbers, financial data, passwords, images, sms messages or anything else important for you. The service is also able to lock the phone and keypad. When the phone is locked, you or somebody else have to enter the password in order to unlock and continue to use the phone as normally. The same password is used for any lock/unlock action in order to have an easy use.

Tarih: 02/01/2008 - Ayrıntılı Bilgi - Download: 301 - Download Tektronic SRL - Advanced Phone Lock.v1.02 (394.05KB)


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